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TopCops Driving School Mission:

All of us here at TopCops are career police officers. We are committed to reducing teen driving crashes by using what we have learned from responding to so many accidents involving young drivers. TopCops is a huge proponent of the GDL program, and we are committed to laws that strengthen teen driving safety. At TopCops we seek out the most highly trained and decorated police officers to act as instructors for your teen driver. Our instructors prepare students at a cognitive and emotional level to accept and understand the responsibility associated with driving by developing their SIPDE  (Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute)  skill set.  This elite training is how our instructors train rookie police officers, and we use many of these same tactics to make your young driver safe and successful. This type of training can only be offered exclusively by our highly trained and highly decorated police officers!


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TopCops Parent Supervised Driving Video

Parent Testimonials:

“Our daughter Eva just had her first 3 hours of the Top Cops driving training.  My husband Frank and I want to say how appreciative we are of the training she received. Officer Dudley was so helpful, kind and thorough. Thank you Officer Dudley for the care and commitment you showed towards our daughter. No doubt she will go out into the driving world more confident, better prepared and practicing safe driving skills – what more could a parent wish for their child.

We feel very fortunate that she has had the experience and better yet still gets another 3 hours to complete the training. Thank you so very much.”

In Gratitude, Karen & Frank Baylin

“Hello Top Cops,

I wanted to let you know our daughter, Grace Chesher, had her first BTW driving with Officer Kirksey this past Friday and it was fantastic in many ways.  We have heard so many things over the last three days, which is always a sign of the impression it made on her.  Technical driving skills and helpful hints, in addition to personal stories and experiences, gave such a genuine, ‘realness’ to the driving.  

Thanks for a quality program.  We were told about you from another family who’s daughter took your course – we will continue to pass on how this is the driving course to sign up for!”  

Take care,
Laura Chesher

Overview of TopCops:

Approved by the State Department of Motor Vehicles, the completely interactive curriculum will focus on the rules and regulations of driving through interesting lectures with group discussions, games, and small group activities. In addition to covering all of the state-mandated requirements and preparing students for the driving permit test, this class goes above and beyond: Students will learn about how to handle a blow-out, how to change a tire, and what to expect and how to react on a traffic stop. Students will hear stories about the many different calls that our officers have been on, and even have a chance to wear a set of “drunk simulation goggles” to perform some roadside maneuvers….And there will be a short orientation for parents on how to be a “home driving instructor” for their teen.

This class does not include the six hours of behind-the-wheel driving. The six hours can be taken at any time during the one year that students are required to hold their permit prior to getting a driver’s license. Parents will have the option to schedule the six hours with TopCops Driving School.

TopCops Driving School has developed partnerships with the YMCA and other Metro-area recreation centers for 30 Hour Classroom Instruction.

TopCops has a partnership to provide Driver Education through the Boulder YMCA for young drivers in many north metro communities. Click on our partner’s page link above to check these schools and recreation facilities to find a TopCops class that work for your new driver!

If you or someone you know has a teen who is ready to learn how to drive, look no further than TopCops Driving School for a unique and comprehensive driver’s education experience.

Click here to Register onlne at YMCA of Boulder at ymcabv.org

TopCops Core Values

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